Parkline N5102 in Haveholmen, Copenhagen

Convenient parking in the underground car park of an office building in Haveholmen, Copenhagen

Havneholmen ("Harbour Island") is a former industrial site in the harbour of Copenhagen, which has been completely redesigned. Covering an area of 91 hectares, a lively neighborhood with a maritime flair emerged.

For the successful implementation of urban development projects like Havneholmen smart parking solutions are indispensable. Our semi-automated parking system Parkline N5102 consisting of 2 modules, each with 9 and 10 segments , was installed in the underground car park of the Tower in Havneholmen. A total of 36 parking spaces were created on 2 tiers.

By eliminating pillars on the side, vehicles can be easily parked. The parking lots are designed for vehicles with a width of 2.30 m and are suitable for cars with a maximum gross weight of up to 2.3 t. Moreover, 2 light barriers were setup to monitor the entrances and exits into the underground car park.